2017 ALL Japan 1JZ Drift Meeting


Photography by Zee Zayas / AllThatLow

I was born and raised in California, USA. Vehicles were never sold here with the 1JZ engine platform. Why you ask? No idea why, but we have been deprived.


It is the polar opposite in Japan. A multitude of chassis’ came with the platform directly from the Toyota manufacturing plant.


In fact so many vehicles have been produced with this engine that a ST-Garage.com holds an annual Drift Meet at the Fuji Speedway Drift Course.


With 100 people lined up to hit the drift course, 70 parade run entries, and 50 dress up cars, there was plenty of sick cars to drool over.


The price to drift was about $150 for the entire day. Not to shabby considering this is an iconic drift course located at Fuji Speedway dedicated to drifting. Walking around an event like this is heaven to any Japanese car enthusiast. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the 25 year law doesn’t get changed further. I’d personally love a newer JZX, Mark 2, S15, and Crown in my stable..

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