Drift Life Varsity

Recently I, Steffan Maus, was in need of a custom jacket for some projects coming up. 

Initially we weren’t going to sell them. Only needed so many for our needs. But then we posted photos of the jackets.

People liked them so much and wanted to buy one. The only way it was possible was to take prepaid pre-orders.

Only for the purpose of making sure we got you the correct size, these are custom made to order, takes a few weeks start to finish, and is expensive. We make about $15 profit on these at the end of the process when selling them for $100. 

If your serious about getting one you can email us at info@driftlifemagazine.com or shoot a DM on Instagram. The minimum order quantity with the embroidery company we use is 6. Once we have at least 6 prepaid preorders we can place an order to get the process going. 



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