4G63 Swapped 240sx

Photography by Tabrese Sequeira

What’s up Driftlife readers. My name is Mark Sanchez. I’m from Moreno Valley, California. This is my 1992 Nissan 240sx.

I came across drifting on VHS Option videos that some old friends of mine showed me. Yeah I said VHS. Yeah I know I’m old. So after about 5 hours of binge watching I was hooked. I started looking for a corolla the following day.

My first drift car was a 1987 Toyota Corolla. That was a fun car. We put a turbo 4ag in it and drove the hell out of it for about 5 years. Then one day I pushed it to hard at a drift day and I rolled real bad. That was the end of that car.

The grassroots scene here in southern California is strong and growing stronger every day. There are more and more venues allowing drifting on their tracks and more organizations popping up to organize
more events at these venues. It’s a great place to be and a great time to be here.

Okay, so your looking at a 4G63 out of a 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 9 that we swapped into our S13. Why you ask. Well I built this car because I wanted to build something different. Different from the rest of the drift cars. Something that you don’t see every day, or at every drift event for that matter. So the 4G13 was born.

There is a good amount of fab work that went into the swap. From the custom motor mount brackets to electronic power steering set up to the custom remote mount shifter. It was all done by me and my team at MSR Motorsports.

MSR Motorsports is our shop, my dad, our friend Emilio and myself. We mostly focus on general automotive repair but we do performance upgrades and engine swaps from time to time. We enjoy mostly doing uncommon swaps. Its always hard to make the claim that you were the first to do something but to the best of our knowledge, we were the first to put an S2000 motor (F20) into a 1983 Toyota Corrolla (AE71). I know its common now but it wasn’t common 8 years ago. I also like to think we were the first to drift an S chassis with a 4G63 in it. We even have plans to build a VQ powered 83 Corolla wagon. With power steering and A/C. Should make for a fun sleeper / cruiser. Just need to find a clean chassis to start with.

The engine is fully built for the most part. The block was clearanced to be stroked and the deck was o-ringed. It has a 2.2 liter Eagle stroker crank with Eagle rods and CP pistons. ARP main and rod bolts. It has Tomei cams and cam gear, GSC valve springs, big bore lifters and A Kiggly HLA pressure regulator. The intake is a Magnus Street Series intake modified to be RWD with 2200cc injectors from Five 0 motorsports to feed the engine all the E85 it needs. The exhaust side is a custom twin scroll T3 manifold with twin 45mm Turbosmart wastegates done by Sheepybuilt. The turbo is a Precision 5757

We are running a Toyota R154 transmission with a Bills Auto Fab bell housing. The transmission has upgraded shift forks as well. We pass the power through a Clutch Masters twin plate clutch that they built for us. We had a custom 1 pieces driveshaft build by Inland Drive Line.

We are very happy with the car the way it is now. It makes 594hp and 503 foot pounds of torque. It’s a great engine with lots of aftermarket support. There are even aftermarket bell housings for RWD setups available now. They are easy to build and hold up well to lots of RPM. But I encourage people to not only this do swap but any other crazy swap you have in mind. Don’t be scared to be different and try something. You may end up building something amazing.

Huge thanks to our friend Frank at RaceTune. But there is always room for improvement.

-Mark Sanchez

Modification List:

S14 front end conversion

D Max S14 front fenders

Origin Lab rear over fenders

Vertex style side skirts

Ings D-Spec front bumper

Carbon fiber hood

Rocket Bunny Rear wing

XXR 527 wheels
Steering & Suspension:

Electronic power steering pump

Offset rack and pinion spacers

Powered by Max inner tie rods

Driftkuckles.com Full Unicorn angle kit

Feal 441 coilovers

Battle Version adjustable arms all around


Fuel System:

Fuel type: E85

Areomotive A1000 fuel pump feeding the engine

Areomotive SS fuel pump feeding the surge tank

Areomotive fuel pressure regulator

Summit racing fuel filters

Strocked 4G63 with MIVEC

Eagle 2.2 liter strocker crank

Eagle rod

CP pistons

ARP main and rod bolts

Balance shaft elimination kit

O-Ringed block deck

OEM MLS head gasket

ARP head studs

Tomei Pon Type R cams

Tomei cam gear

GSC Valve springs

Big bore lifters

Kiggly HLA pressure regulator

Modified Magnus Street series intake manifold

2200cc fuel injectors

Turbosmart blow off vale

Turbosmart 45mm wastegates

CX Racing intercooler

CX Racing radiator

Mishimoto oil cooler

Precision 5757 turbo

Sheepybuilt custom twin scroll turbo manifold

Sheepybuilt down pipe

Custom exhaust by Concept Motorsport

Custom engine mount brackets by MSR Motorsports

Custom crank case breather set up by MSR Motorsports

LS4 ignition coils

NGK Racing spark plugs

Gates Racing timing belt
Clutch / Trans / Diff:

Clutchmaster custom twin disc clutch

Clutchmaster internal throw out bearing

R154 transmission w/ upgraded shift forks

Custom remote mount shifter By MSR Motorsports

Custom 1 piece drive shaft By Inland Driveline

4.6 ring and pinion

Welded differential

S14 dash

Sparco racing seat

Autometer gauges

NRG steering wheel

CNC Hydraulic hand brake

Willwood steering wheel quick release

Arcade style button on dash

Battle Version roll cage
Engine Management:

Haltech Platinum Sport 1000 ecu
Sponsors List:

MSR Motorsports

Zestino Tyre

Roth Fab

Race Tech Services

Final Speed Garage

Tuning Technologies

Race Tune


Haltech Engine Management



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