A Silvia with a 6-Cylinder Heart


When foreigners who have never visited Japan imagine the land of the rising sun and all its automotive glory, they assume people drift their way to work in a GTR, dodging Godzilla on the way with Mt. Fuji in the background looming over the entire population. At least this is the vibe I get.


Exaggeration aside, people do assume some absurd things about this place based on things they have seen in movies and anime, when in reality it is just as ordinary here as it is anywhere else! Apart from the cultural differences, you won’t witness anybody drifting a Lancer Evolution through Shibuya’s busy, Times Square-esque crossing to decide who will get banished and who will keep the pretty lady. Actually, it can get quite boring here after a while! That’s why after a while of going around different circuits or streets of Yokohama you realize that seeing a Silvia sliding around is not that uncommon, even if it is the newer S15. So what’s so different about the example I am writing about today?


Let’s start off with the obvious; it’s pink! But even pink cars are not so rare in the world of drifting anymore, with more and more guys feeling comfortable enough to sport a paintjob which would be considered very feminine in most corners of the world. This particular shade of pink tough is somehow much more pleasing to the eye than many others that I have seen.


The fluorescent yellow wheels have also become something of a common sight made popular by D1GP when they became the IN thing in the 2008 and 2009 season. Interestingly though, if you look at D1 today, fluorescent Gram Lights 57D’s by Rays Wheels have completely become a thing of the past, but they remain popular in street applications.


This S15 did sport more off-the-radar black wheels before, but even in a colorful and bright city in Tokyo, it’s difficult to hide that pink glow of the body.


The aero on the car that makes it look so good going sideways is a mix and mash up of bits from different companies. The car usually runs full Car Modify WONDER bumpers, but for a little while an M Sports one was called for duty.


The big rear wing in charge of downforce is made by SARD.


Both front and rear fenders are from Koguchi Power, something you don’t see fitted on S15’s so often nowadays!


Once all these bits and pieces come together, they give the car an overall menacing look, especially when it goes sideways. But what is it that makes this car so excitable going around a corner, or flying down a straight?


Well, once you lift up the D-MAX hood, you notice that this cute pink outside has the heart of Godzilla.


The RB26 that’s powering this car used to sit in a BCNR33 Skyline.


The stock turbochargers have been replaced with a single TD07-25G unit.


The engine block is fully built with N187 Pistons, Nismo Connecting rods, a fully balanced crankshaft and stroked to 2.7L. The head is taken care of by a NAPREC Drag Kit. To keep things cool, paired up are an aftermarket radiator and oil cooler by HPI, and the car breathes in through a Trust Wide Triple-Core Aluminium Intercooler.


A beautiful titanium Z.S.S exhaust is in charge of of the music that comes out of the back.


All these parts working in symphony provide the driver with 650 fresh horsepower to play around with.


To control this properly, the S15 sits on D-MAX Super Street coilovers.


Special one-off custom knuckles provide the wicked angles, rain or shine.


As this is a street driven car, interior is kept pretty stock, taking care of safety and comfort. All of the original door panels and dashboard are retained, including the stock audio system and air conditioning.


MOMO Drifting steering wheel lets you chuck around the car, while Defi gauges are for monitoring  different temperatures.


A pair of BRIDE Low Max full bucket seats sit snug inside a Cusco 7-point roll cage.


The car has recently gone through an extensive overhaul, and we will be seeing more of it in the coming cool months of 2017, ideal for plenty of drifting. I will run another feature of this car, and perhaps a chat with the owner as well to get a good insight on the grassroots drifting culture. For me, this is one of the most impressive street driven S15’s I have ever come across.

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