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A Stride Forward in Drifting: FIA Drift Cup Day 1 Part 1

A very debatable subject, but either way you look at it, the first ever FIA Intercontinental Drift Cup was a huge success.


Packed stands, 23 drivers from 14 different countries, awesome location, drifting legends, and most of all, sanctioned by the FIA. Finally, Drifting is recognized as a Worldwide Motorsport. Many people are forgetting to realize this – a whole new level to this game was just unlocked. The next boss, per say.



The event was very classy. From the Driver/Country introductions, to the President of the FIA making a speech, to the National Anthem, to “The Drift King” Keiichi having a few word; it was all top notch.

Of course, Alexi (Noriyaro) was there to do some live-streaming and enjoy the show.

Shortly after the ceremony, it was time to qualify! Drivers were quick to get out and lay down their best lap for the DOSS (EDS as they called it) judging system.


A few wings met their fate throughout the course of the event, catching the fencing on the big flick entry.


Daigo was quick to lay down some killer qualifying runs. Scoring higher than 100 points and averaging the quickest speed throughout the course.


Team Russia took everyone by surprise and came through with some insane battles (which you’ll see in the next article). Adjusting to the course, and the driving style, on the first day, they really put on a show Day 2.


It was awesome to see Odi out here laying it down in the LOUDEST car at the event. Unfortunately he had a mishap on day 2 that took him out of the comp.


Yokoi was putting on a clinic all weekend.


During any break in the action, Team Orange was there to fill the voids with tandem ride-alongs in their JZX Drift Taxi’s. Fortunately, I was able to hop in, and it’s just as fun as you would imagine. Kumo and Suenaga sync up perfectly!

Qualifying results:

1: Daigo – Monster R35

2: Kawabata – Toyo R35

3: Charles NG – Wanli/Maxxoil S13

Next up; BATTLES!

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