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AIMGAIN Widebody Nissan GTR

The Fast and the Furious was my introduction to the Nissan GTR and since then, they have become one of my favorite cars, despite all the overhype. The R35 is no exception, it’s a beautiful machine, but sadly most R35’s are left stock, besides a few minor upgrades. And even most of the “built” R35’s are for show purposes only, with the exception of Robbie Nishida’s insane R35 pro car and the 6 second 1/4 mile ETS R35. So when I got the opportunity to shoot an R35 that was both built for performance and show, I couldn’t turn down such an opportunity to shoot such an incredible car. So without further due, here is the 2015 AIMGAIN GTR.


Being 1 of 3 R35’s in the United States known to have this kit fitted, The AIMGAIN GT R35 GTR Widebody Kit is a full aero setup, sporting 50mm wide front fenders and 80mm wide rear fenders, as well as front, side and rear under-spoilers and rear diffuser.

This GTR is absolutely absurd! Especially with the AIMGAIN G2M Wheels with Daglip Alumite Barrels. The wheel specs are: 20×11.5 -3 front and 20×12.5 -66 wrapped in 315/30/ZR20 Toyo R888R’s. Aggressive is an understatement!!


One of my favorite things about the R35 GTR is that even though it’s technically a “supercar”, the interior is very clean and down to the basics, while still being very high quality. It was definitely built with sheer driving pleasure in mind!



The addition of the Bride Stadia II Japan Seats, Takata 4 snap Harnesses and the Titan Motorsports Roll Bar show that this car is definitely purpose built, currently for drag and track.


The Rampage RS-1600 Intercooler gives such a flare to this car, as if it didn’t need any more flare! The VR38DETT puts down an aggressively modest 620awhp, which is the perfect number for a daily driven race car!

The rear window vinyl is probably the most creative way to rep sponsorships as well as flaunt the beautiful GTR Badge. The rear end of the car is truly something else!! Easily one of my favorite aspects of this car!


After this location I wanted to make a drive through Red Door Meet (RDM), a local Portland car meet known for its variety of cars, ranging from stock Honda’s to supercars, alike, so I knew this car would be a hit.


To say that this car got attention would be an understatement! I was utterly shocked by the response the AIMGAIN GTR got, at RDM. The best way to describe the response, is by pictures, so please enjoy a brief preview of the response people had.

After a few passes through RDM, we headed back to the first location to grab a second car to shoot some rolling shots, but on our way back, we were literally chased down by a high school senior who was getting his senior photos taken down the road and asked if he could take a photo with the car! He was in luck!


Each location we went to, the car grabbed attention left and right, but this by far was such a joy and a highlight of the shoot. Not only was it a great photo opportunity, but it also shows how Simon chooses to let his car bring joy to others!

Shameless Side comment: Congratulations on graduating, Jackson! It was cool meeting you, have a ton of fun in college and best of luck!!

It was a pleasure to meet Simon and shoot the AIMGAIN GTR! I have to say, out of all the flashy cars I’ve shot, this car attracted so much more attention, and it isn’t even flashy. There has been so much attention to detail with this build, and it is truly one of a kind! Go give Simon a follow on instagram to stay up to date on the continuous build, you don’t want to miss what is to come with this beast!

Instagram: @aimgain_gtr

-Evan Engstrom

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