When Keeping It Real Goes Right: Ryan Tuerck’s 2JZ FR-S Street Car

Written by PJ PitcherPhotography by Tabrese Sequeira - Drifting has evolved by leaps and bounds since the earliest days of touge runs in the mountains of Japan. Back then, humble yet high-revving 4-cylinders in lightweight chassis provided for clandestine fun under the cover of darkness. Professional drifting is far removed from those times, from popularity, [...]


By Steffan Maus, Co-Author PJ Pitcher- When talking about drifting, the inevitable V8 debate perpetually arises. Some of us prefer only Japanese engines, others a hulking American V8, while some do not have a preference at all. I have friends in other countries that simply do not understand why anyone would ever want to put [...]

Quickstyle Drift Soukoukai Event

We are honored to announce the 1st Quickstyle Drift Soukoukai Open Track day on the Dominion Speedway Road Course 9-23-2017 with guest driver, D1GP Veteran Yoshinori Koguchii! This is an open track day from 1:00pm - 6pm for drivers, no breaks, just seat time! It's all about the passion and spirit of drifting and most [...]

LS Fest West Drift Challenge

Born in the shipping yards and mountain passes of Japan, drifting has gained popularity over the last 20+ years and has evolved into a full blown sport not only in Japan but America as well. Pro series events like Formula Drift and amateur level events abound (i.e. Midwest Drift Union) all across the country. We’re [...]

Brody Goble’s Pro2 Build

This is Brody's previous build. Since this shoot/interview he sold this car to build another.  Photography by Jay Canter Photography Interview: What was your inspiration behind the build? I started out drifting with several different RB powered s13's.. It all started with a stock rb20 which then saw the usual upgrades like a big single [...]