Beau Yates Revamped GT86

Photography by Robin Juhansoo

Last time we talked with Beau was way back in Issue 1. Since then he has made alot of noticeable changes to the GT86. We sat him down to find out what he’s been up to, what changes have been made to the car, and whats changed in his drift program. I’m going to let Beau take over and give you guys the update on his revamp.


BEAU: Thanks man. Obviously since the last time we spoke I changed my motor and am now running the 2JZ engine. There was nothing wrong with the old FA20 motor. I was really happy with how it performed and it’s reliability. We ended up on the top step of the podium at a few events and being it’s debut year. I couldn’t be disappointed with that.

As with most of the top level drift competitions in Australia and globally the level of cars and power being produced by the car’s is always growing so I wanted to stay in this competitive range and looked at the 2JZ engine as I knew it was a tried and tested motor that I would be able to push and gain the extra horsepower out of, again reliably.

Overall I haven’t been disappointed, the motor was built by a Queensland based company who build a lot of the World Time Attack cars, JHH Racing. It has all the bells and whistles inside and out and it sounds the part and also looks the part which is always a massive feature in my cars.

Although the motor change was a massive modification in the car whilst I was changing that I also did a general over haul of the car. I started by fitting the Wisefab front and rear kit which has changed my whole driving style, it took a little bit to get used to at first but now that I have it set to suit my driving I’m finding it’s benefits which are massive.

I am currently running the Achilles 123’S tires which has changed everything, the grip that they have produced and side bite is crucial in being at the pointy end of the battle tree at the end of the day.

I have also fitted the 86 with a pair of MCA suspension shocks – Red series. Again having these has allowed me to try different setting at different tracks and when needed either get more grip or lose some depending on what events and tracks I’m at.

Overall I feel personally the car is currently a competitive weapon and have to say that it can’t just come down to changing one of the elements above but very much so a combination of them all and figuring out my setting and making them work best for me and my driving style.

Ive not long finished the Australian Drifting Grand Prix Championship in which we came 2nd overall and finished 2nd overall in the Hi Tec Drift Allstars Competition last year which is my local event.  There not first place but pretty close and Im pretty stoked with the results and how the car is performing.

For the remainder of this year I have the local competition that has just started up again, the all-important World Time Attack event in October which the list of Australian drift drivers haven’t been confirmed yet but Im hoping to get a spot and drift alongside some of the world’s best like Daigo Saito and Chris Forsberg. The Australian Drifting Grand Prix are heading in a different direction this year by not running a championship event but a number of smaller higher exposure events alongside Jamboree and V8 supercars which is exciting and I look forward to being apart of and supporting the ADGP team.

Im also on the case of rebuilding my old AE86 that was crashed at World Time Attack a few years again, Im still in the early stages of the rebuild and taking my time but look forward to having her back and in one useable piece again!!

I know it’s a lot but hopefully you can get something out of this info, let me know if you have any questions or need any further info.

Thanks again for hitting me up, really appreciate it.

Beau Yates




Engine: JHH Racing Toyota 2JZ Straight 6 Engine Displacement: 3.0Litre, Titan billet main caps Conrods: Carillo, JE Pistons & Rings 9.5:1, ACL Race Bearings, L19 Studs, CNC Ported Cylinder Head, Ferrea over sized Valves / Titanium Retainers / Double Valve Springs, Titan Motorsport Cam Gears, OEM Head Gasket, Custom Billet 2JZ Hypertune Dry Sump Pan, Barnes 5 Stage Dry Sump Pump, Billet Low Profile Hypertune Rocker Covers, Hypertune 2JZ Inlet Manifold with 90mm Hypertune Throttle Body, Garrett GTX 3582 Turbo, Twin 45mm Turbosmart Progate Wastegates, Hypertune Stainless HypEx SS347 2JZ Inlet Manifold & Plenum

Engine Management: Emtron KV8, Motec C125 Color dash with Logging w/ Racepak switch panel Boost Controller: Emtron, Tuned by Insight Motorsport

Exhuast: Dump Pipe: Hypertune 4” Pipe Type: Titanium

Fuel System: Custom 40Litre Hypertune fuel cell with Holly dominator twin fuel pumps, ID 2000cc injectors Fuel Rail and Regulator, Turbosmart regulator with Hypertune fuel rail

Cooling:Setrab oil cooler, Custom Hypertune Radiator, Custom Hypertune intercooler with 100mm core

Driveline modifications: Tractive RD906 Billet 6 speed sequential Gearbox, Xtreme 230mm Twin Plate Ceramic Clutch Kit, TRD Two way mechanical LSD Ratio: 4:1, Standard front brakes with Project Mu Pads, Standard rear rotors with Twin standard callipers and Project Mu Pads, Hydraulic Handbrake

Suspension modifications: MCA Suspension Red Series Coilovers, TRD Strut brace and custom Hypertune roll cage, TRD Swaybars, Hydraulic steering rack with Wisefab tie rods, Wisefab front and rear kit

Exterior modifications: White underbody interior and exterior by Winners Circle, Full vehicle vinyl wrap by Killer Images, Rocket Bunny 86 V1 wide body kit, Custom JSAI Aero & Composites front and rear window ducts, Seibon Dry Carbon Fibre hood and trunk

Interior modifications: Hypertune carbon door skins, Custom Hypertune Rollcage, Bride Zeta III with Takata Harnesses, Nardi Deep Corn Steering Wheel, Custom Eastside boat covers macro suede covered dash, Decka Dry Cell battery

Wheels: Koya SF01, Front: 18 x 9 +27 offset, Rear: 18 x 10 +18 offset

Tyres: Achilles Type: 123 S Front: 235x40x18 Rear: 265x35x18

Power Figures: 517KW (693HP)


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