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Introduction: Evan Engstrom


Hey everyone!! My name is Evan Engstrom and I’m a Writer and Photographer for Driftlife! I wanted my first post on DL to be an introduction for you all to get a little info on who I am, what I do and why I do it. Along with an intro, I thought it would be fitting to share some of my favorite photos from the 2017 season! So without further due, lets get to it!


So a little about me: Along with being a freelance photographer, I am also a full time college sophomore living in the greater Portland, OR area. (shameless plug to all the PNW readers!) I fell in love with cars from a very young age, and my love and obsession only grew as I got older. I got into drifting back in high school, when I started to go to local grassroots events. Thinking back, I never would have thought that I would be in the position I am today, and for that I’m very blessed and thankful for the opportunities I’ve had to pursue my passion and blend it into a career.

These two pictures are perfect examples of some amazing friends who are in this sport for the sheer driving pleasure and are making due with what they have! These guys are some amazing drivers and some awesome friends!! David has one heck of a Miata that has more angle than a protractor and Jack has one of the most unique s10’s I think I’ve ever seen! Huge shoutout to David, Jack and Keenan!! You guys rock!!

Evan Brown (ITEM-B) is another awesome friend I’ve met through drifting! We’ve had some pretty rad times filming and shooting some killer footage! So stoked for whats coming to this FC, because its even crazier than it was before, and that was pretty crazy! Stay tuned!! Huge shoutout to Evan, Erika and Spencer!


One of my favorite aspects of Automotive Photography is rolling shots. Not only do they look sweet but the process is such an adrenaline rush! There’s something amazing about hanging out the window of a car, gripping your camera and trying to capture the exact moment! Its always a blast! My style of shooting has always been to capture what my eye sees, which means no crazy filters! Thats just my style, and its what I like!

Shout out to Rob for having one of the cleanest Celicas I’ve ever seen, and shameless plug to Ian at Factory83 for being a design wizard who creates insane one of a kind livery!!

Bash to the Future V was an absolute blast!! Not only was the weather perfect but the quality of the drivers, track conditions and the wonderful people in the pits are what made this event so amazing. There is something special about a grassroots event that sets it aside from all other forms of drift. I absolutely love Formula Drift, but grassroots drifting will always have a special place in my heart!


Jake Miller has to have one of the cleanest s13 coupes I think I’ve ever laid eyes on. Not only does it look amazing, but it performs just as good as it looks! Fun Fact, the s13 coupe is one of my all time favorite platforms.

Formula Drift Seattle was defiantly one for the books! Not only was it an intense round of FD 2017, but it was also my very first pro event to cover! I can’t wait until the next round!! Congrats to James Deane  and the Worthhouse Drift Team for taking home the win, not only in Seattle but Texas as well!! Good luck in Round 8!!

Right after Seattle, I had about a 12 hour block to edit, eat and sleep; then it was back on the road to Parc Drift, for Tuerck’D Bash!! What an amazing event!!

Fun Fact of The Day: Coffman and I grew up in the same town in Southern Oregon! It’s so awesome to have seen where he started and to see where he is today!

And there we have it! A little insight on who I am and what I do, along with some of my personal favorites from 2017 thus far! I really hope you enjoyed this article!

-Evan Engstrom

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