Brody Goble’s Pro2 Build

This is Brody’s previous build. Since this shoot/interview he sold this car to build another. 

Photography by Jay Canter Photography

What was your inspiration behind the build?

I started out drifting with several different RB powered s13’s.. It all started with a stock rb20 which then saw the usual upgrades like a big
single turbo, standalone etc.. After getting my feet wet with that car back in 2006 things progressed to another s13 with a built RB25. Don’t
get me wrong, the RB platform is killer and a ton of fun, heck my spotter Ian Fournier just went back to an RB in his 4-door Skyline as he
steps out of competitive drifting and focuses more on having fun. The main reason why I built the s13 with the LS motor was for reliability and
affordability. I really wanted to compete and improve and I was spending way too much time working on the car rather then myself as a

The main inspiration was to keep the car very simplistic in nature and to not re-invent the wheel. I mixed in some parts and a color scheme
that made the car recognizable but for the most part it is quite simple but done right with all of the best components. 

What engine package are we looking at?

The engine is built by Richmond Racing Engines. It is a 406ci 13:1 LS engine with custom CNC LS3 heads, Edelbrock Victor Jr., and a FAST
4150 throttle body with a custom mounted carbon K&N airbox. It has a 4″ stroke with Jesel shaft mounted rockers and a custom ground cam.
We run it on VP110 fuel and it makes 600whp and revs out to 7500rpm. With fresh Lucas Oil lubricants being run through it, we have not
touched it other than regular maintenance for 2 seasons.. It is absolutely turn key and simple, exactly what I was after! 

Were you happy with how the car turned out?

I’m extremely happy how the car turned out and I love the way it looks on and off the track. It is unique while being simply and effective. The
thing really works and is completed sorted, we did not have 1 mechanical issue with is all last season running Formula Drift Pro2.. That might
be a record, nothing broken or replaced in 4 Pro2 events other than repainting the rear bumper a couple of times!
Also, the livery is wicked. I worked with AWS Graphics and Jacob down at SBC Graphics and we came up with something completely
different. On paper, red and teal doesn’t really sound all that spectacular but I feel like it turned out awesome. It is a really photogenic car
on-track too. 

The car was on display at SEMA. How did that come about?

Our good friend Alex Nunez from Enkei Wheels reached out to me part way through the year as he had the idea to debut Enkei’s brand new
GTC01RR wheel’s in the Enkei Booth at SEMA on the s13. It was a very good opportunity for myself and my partners to have the car on
display in a highly visible area inside of the SEMA show, I am very fortunate for the opportunity.
One of the neatest experiences I’ve ever had was driving the car out of the show during the SEMA parade and SEMA Ignited, it was and will
be the only time I would be allowed to drive the race car on the street.. badass.

What do you think about competing in Formula Drift?

Competing in Formula Drift is addicting. I drive to compete and in order to learn and get better, competing against some of the best drivers
in the world is the quickest way to do so. FD is expensive and it takes a massive commitment in all aspects of my team’s lives. Some truth
here, FD isn’t “fun” like grassroot events, it is serious and only certain types of people are really after this type of competition. 

For me, I am
all about competing and am addicted to trying to be the best I can be. I’m not out on the track with a huge smile on my face under the helmet,
it is stressful and a ton of work that everyone is putting in to be at these events, there is a lot on the line. That being said, after every weekend
I feel incredibly motivated and inspired to get back out on the track and keep progressing. This is one of the best feelings I have felt and it is
the part that I consider “fun” and that makes me keep coming back. The better you get, the more fun this sport is. 

Do you still hit up the local grassroots drift days?

I try to get out to our local track, Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, WA. as much as possible. This year is a bit of a transition year with the new
s14.5 being built so I have been spending a fair bit of time down that way with the s13. I’m excited to actually do more grassroots events, as
long as I can afford to be at the track I want to get as much seat time as possible!

You mentioned the car had been sold shortly after SEMA. Does the new owner drift it regularly?

The new owner of the car has a road racing background just like myself. I have known him for several years and he is a close friend. We are
both Instructors and Precision Drivers working for a company called Morrisport Advanced Driving. He is taking to the car extremely quick..
hell, he might be better than me pretty soon! It’s a killer way for him to get dialed in with drifting in a reliable and well sorted car. We can go
out and rent Evergreen and simply focus on his driving rather than worry about making changes to the car or trying to keep it in one piece. It’s
super repeatable and I think it’s proving to be a successful way for him to get comfy in his new ride. 

He just enjoy the car, or is he looking to compete in it?

Look for Keith to make a competition debut near the end of the summer and we will see where it takes us. I’m having a ton of fun playing
crew chief and being on the “other side”. Keith and I plan on creating a two-car program and my biggest goal is to get him into FD where we
can practice and compete against one another. I think it will be a huge leg up for us and greatly beneficial to the partners of our program. 

Tell us about your shop. What do you guys do there?

I have a shop where we keep the truck, trailer, race cars and everything that goes along with them. Keith and I are pretty competent on how
everything goes together on the cars but neither of us are fabricators. Thankfully, we know a few great guys that can come and lend us a
hand if need be. We aren’t open to the public yet but we have some plans for the future to continue to grow and expand!

You’ve been drifting since ’06? How would you compare drifting back then to drifting now?

I did first start in 2006, I was only 16 back then.. time flies. I didn’t do a whole bunch back then but it was for never really getting the car dialed
in and having a full karting schedule. 

How is the drift scene in Washington? Lot of people coming out to drift, or has it thinned out over the years? 

Down in Washington we have one of the best venues to practice at. If you can drift around the 5/8th’s bank comfortably there won’t be many
other tracks that really scare you, I think that’s a big leg up on the competition. I feel like the drift scene in the PNW has gone in a couple of
cycles, over the last couple of seasons the missile cars outweighed the more competition built vehicles and now we are seeing another cycle
come around where there are several very serious machines up here to compete against in Pro-Am. No matter what people are driving it
seems everyone in the community is genuinely passionate about the sport and very friendly. There is never a problem with car count either,
especially in our grassroots series where it’s pretty normal to see 30+ vehicles entered. 

What would you say to the 2006 version of yourself (about drifting) if you could reach back in time? 

I would have tried to keep everything a bit more simple. Heck, I wish I just had a cheap junkyard LQ9 back then and focused more on getting
seat time. It was a bit of a whirlwind as I was racing in SCCA National Spec Miata and going to university while running my own marketing
business so there wasn’t much resources leftover to run the drift car program as well. 



Year: 1993 Make: Nissan Model: 240sx Hatchback

Vehicle Weight: 2630

What engine: Chevrolet LS2/LS3 Combo Size: 406ci
Who did the engine building/work: Richmond Racing Engines
Modifications: Drysump, stroker, 13:1 engine with CNC’d heads and a fully blueprinted
rotating assembly, Lucas Oil Lubricants


Company: MoTeC Model: MLS

ECU Tuning done by: William Bowering – The Independent Speed Shop
HORSEPOWER: 600whp Torque: 530 ft. lbs

Do you have a dyno sheet? If you do please email it along with this tech sheet once filled

Crankshaft: Eagle Rods: Eagle Pistons: JE

Compression Ratio: 13:1


Cams: Custom Ground Comp Cam Valves, Springs, Etc. JESEL Valvetrain

Head work: CNC Ported and Flowed Rectangular Port L98 Heads
Engine Work by: Richmond Racing Engines

Fuel: VP110
Fuel Injector size: 750cc
Fuel Pump: Bosch 044 with Radium Surge Tank, Bosch 044 Lift Pump
Intake Manifold: Edelbrock Victor Jr.

Modifications: Port matched and flowed, FAST 4150 Throttle Body with custom K&N
Carbon Air Box fabbed by The Independent Speed Shop
Exhaust: Holley 1 7/8th Headers to 4” Y-Pipe
What transmission: G-Force GSR 4-speed Dogbox
Shifter and Linkage: LONG Top Mount
Clutch: McLeod Magforce Sintered Iron Twin Disc
Torque Converter: N/A
Axels: Custom Driveshaft Shop Axles with GM 30spline outers
Additional information: Winters 10” IRS Quick Change Differential 

Brakes: FRONT: size: 300ZX TT REAR: size: Wilwood Dual Caliper
Brake lines: Stainless The Independent Speed Shop Custom (Hard and Stainless Braided)
Tie rods, control arms, etc.: Custom Extended S14 Tein Inner Tie Rods, Tein OEM Style
Outers, The Independent Speed Shop Custom Extended S14 FLCA’s, Boxed OEM
RLCA’s, VooDoo13 USA Curved Tension Rods, SPL RUCA’s, SPL Rear Toe Control
Arms, Poly Bushings, Custom Rack Relocation


Shock adjustiblity: (ex: 32 way)
Additional information: Speedway Engineering NASCAR rear roll bar with ASD
adjustable end links and custom arms. Modified Progress front roll bar for additional
wheel clearance. 

Wheels Type: Enkei RPF1 Forged SBC Wheels

FRONT size: 18×9.5 REAR: size: 18×10.5

Offset: FRONT: +15 REAR: +15

Taper Pro 25mm Spacers front and rear with extended studs

TIRES Type: Achilles Radial

FRONT size: 255/35/18 REAR size: 265/35/18

Additional information: Using both the ATR Sport II and 123S tires depending on tracks.


Custom Aluminum and Steel Front Tube work, Fully Caged,
Stripped, Custom Harness, Half Cut Dash, Minimalistic Motorsport Style and Clean


Body kits, modifications, etc. Rocket Bunny V2 Full Kit with Diffuser,
Splitter and Canards

Body Work by: Rayco Auto

Paint: Color Ford Performance Red

Paint by: Rayco Auto

Headlights: LED Off-Road Light Bars

Tailights: Kouki 180sx

Seats: Company: Driver: RECARO Pro Racer HANS Passenger: Sparco EVO

Instrument cluster: AIM MXL Dash Display
Race harnesses/seat belts: Driver: TAKATA Race 6 HANS Passenger: TAKATA Race 6
Fire system: OMP Suppression System

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