Car Spotting in Japan

So, your expectations are high; there will be JZX’s, Supra’s, FD’s, and S-chassis cars seen everywhere in Japan, right? Is it true? Will you really see your favorite cars randomly roaming the streets?

The answer is yes, and it’s just as awesome as you can imagine. There’s nothing quite like pulling up to a gas station, and seeing an R34 just hanging out; or pulling in to the local 7/11, late at night, to find your favorite street-driven FD-Japan-competing JZX100 sitting there. It’s wild.


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Wherever you go, you’ll find your favorite cars roaming the streets. From completely standard form, driven by your everyday person, to full modded cars that are worthy of magazine features. Of course, the closer you are to a track; Ebisu, Nikko, Mobara, etc, the more often you’ll see awesome cars.

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Sometimes you will even stumble across old abandoned shops; this was my case during my last trip. It was tough to see these cars just sitting, in overgrown grass, as I know at one time in their life they were flying around the local circuit.

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DSC_0729 copy

DSC_0731 copyDSC_0724 copyDSC_0717 copy

You can also see a wide variety of cars you wouldn’t normally see. I was on my way to meet up with a friend, and spotted this car peeking out of the garage. It certainly took me by surprise, so I had to turn around.

DSC_0755 copy

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Very random to see American cars in Japan, but certainly not uncommon. One of the track officials, at Ebisu, drives a Left-Hand-Drive Chevy Trail Blazer. It was definitely weird to see for the first time.

I couldn’t help but keep my eyes wandering down every street I passed. I was just hoping for a slight glimpse of anything. Right down the road from the Corvette, poked out the red nose of this..


DSC_0708 copyDSC_0707 copy

After a week or so in the mountains, near Ebisu, it was time to venture down towards Tokyo. This was my first time heading down towards the city, besides going to the airport, and I was excited to see a whole new area. Right off the highway, I started spotting some awesome Silvia’s.

This S14 sat nicely on some Advan Model 6’s.


Not too far away, after getting a BOSS coffee out father vending machine, I spotted this S15 sitting perfectly behind where I had parked. With some SSR’s up front, TE37’s in the rear, and an aggressive track stance – what’s not to like!



Needing some lunch, I stopped at a Lawson’s – which is equivalent to a 7/11, or Family Mart in Japan – and they’re nothing like in the states, by the way. They are so nice and have tons of great food options – and they’ll even heat up the meals for you!

Anyway, I saw a few STI’s hanging out behind a car park fence, and I wanted to snap a few pics, but to my surprise, something else caught my eye immediately; this badass 180sx.


Next stop was UpGarage. Now, I travel to Ebisu Circuit often, and there’s really only one UpGarage in the area, so my vision of UG has been skewed a bit. The ones closer to Tokyo and Saitama are INSANE! They have so many parts, it’s exactly as you would imagine. I’ll make another article on this, so keep posted.

Anyways, each UpGarage lot was full of awesomeness! But on my way, I spotted this R chassis hanging out at a 7/11; it was too good not to stop!


Arrival at UpGarage; greeted by an S15.




All of those cars above in one UpGarage; it was crazy! Right around the corner, I spotted a 32 sitting.


The most interesting spot of them all has to be this;


I’ll touch more on that in another article though; stay posted! Take care guys, and thanks for following along.

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