Drifting: Your Style


Drifting: Your Style

Unlike other forms of Motorsports, Drifting gives you the freedom to express yourself, in any way you desire, with your own unique style. This is great because it gives the sport so much diversity, and excitement, for spectators and fellow drivers. Drivers like; Naoki Nakamura, Daigo Saito, Keiichi Tsuchiya, Naoto Suenaga: all amazing drivers, but all very different driving styles. Each of them putting their own twist on the sport; drifting.


But, to many, this can be very confusing and stressful. Why? Because you’re led to believe you need to drive a certain way or else you’re “doing it wrong”. In reality, it’s the complete opposite. As I said, drifting gives you the freedom to drive how YOU want. Do you enjoy Nakamura’s insane backwards entries and you’d give anything to be able to do one? Well, go practice! You’re allowed to! Do you enjoy long slow entries to allow your fellow drivers behind you to stay close in tandem? Well, go practice! It’s all up to you, and it’s all your choice. If you look up to a certain style, mimic it! Do not let others determine how you drive just because they think that it’s the wrong way. Maybe they’re just jealous they can’t do it. 🙂


Now, drifting isn’t too difficult; to slide a car is pretty simple once you get a feel for it. But, the challenge comes in pushing yourself, and your car, to the limits. Taking it to that next level is the difficult part, and deciding which route you’d like to go can often be a challenging decision.

There are many different ways to go about it, and it would be impossible for me to talk about each one, but each has their own pro’s and con’s. Who is to determine the pro’s and con’s and who is to determine what way YOU prefer? You are!


If you like drifting just for the straight fact that you like sliding a car around, and want it to be as effortless as possible, then maybe a simple V8 is for you. There is nothing wrong with this, and I’ve owned a V8 car as well – it was easy, fun and reliable. It did the job and it did the job well, but after a while, it became boring at how little input the car needed. But for some, just going out and sliding, without problem, is what they want.

If you want to a car that you really have to put effort into and have a lot of driver input, maybe stick with a momentum style setup. In the North East, we have a track called Canaan Motor Club – it’s a full road course, but it’s very fast! Pure momentum track, and it’s most fun in a basic SR20det, or even a KA S-chassis car. Wheel speed and actual speed are very close, and this is a drivers track. Ever see the video “Violent high-speed drifting” where Suenaga-san drives the wheels off his practice car at Ebisu Circuit? No? Go watch it, and you’ll see what I mean. Link below;


If you enjoy the slow, long, sweeping, high angle, impossible to follow, scrubbing a ton of speed mid corner style, then maybe the wisefab style is for you – ha, just kidding…maybe. 🙂


All jokes aside, everyone’s style and preference is different. Find something you like and stick to and keep working on improving yourself. Progression is everything. Take other’s advice with a grain of salt, and do your own research.

Now, if you are NEW to drifting, listen up! When you are in the beginning stages, listen to those who are trying to help you at your event. You will grow tremendously from the help of others who have been where you are now. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, find a style you like, or create one yourself, and work on it!


In the end, do what makes you happy, because what fun would drifting be if you weren’t enjoying yourself while doing it? So, go out there are huck those backie’s, drag that e-brake, keep your friends close, and keep it filthy.

As always, just keep shredding, guys! Take care!

Filthy Joe

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