Laboratory Skid Shop WideBody E36

Grassroots drifting has always been about the pleasure of driving and sheer enjoyment. One of the beautiful things about grassroots drifting is that you don’t need anything special to go out on a weekend and have some fun with some amazing people. But from a visual standpoint, the drift missile crisis hit the sport in full force. The definition of a drift missile is a fully functioning drift car with no regard to its visual presence. From a photographer standpoint, a drift missile is a lot less aesthetically pleasing than a clean drift car. And the way I see it, if you have the time, experience and the resources, why not build a fully functioning and aesthetically pleasing drift car?


Here we have a wonderful example of a purpose built, sleek and clean drift car, built by George Logan. This beautiful E36 is powered by a Stroked 2.8L with an M50 manifold and S52 cams. There is just something about straight piped BMW Inline 6’s that pulls on my heart strings and makes me miss my old E39.

This car is sporting Big Duck Club 60mm front and 70mm rear overfenders. Paired with the NerpTech angle kit and wheel setup, this car looks insanely aggressive. Of course with that tuck and that low low provided by BC Coilovers (14k / 14k).


One of my favorite aspects of this car is the paint, which was done by Ram Rod Racing. This car started out BMW Estoril Blue, which was a beautiful color, but this color choice is just stunning! It is very unique and I think that it is one of the main aspects that sets this E36 apart from others. The color reminds me of the Factory BMW Gemini Blue, which I think is a very unique color in its own. Fun Fact: As we were shooting, George was telling me the process of this paint color and I love that it was unintentional, but George and his wife loved the color and told the painter to spray it anyways!


To help get an idea of how insane this paint is, here is a close up. Another subtle and clean addition to this car is the clear headlight casings. Without the stock amber orange headlight corners, these headlights make the front of this car seem so sleek and clean, I love it!

George chose to keep the full interior of this car, which I appreciate. It’s such a simple touch of ameneties that make this car a streetable and purpose built race car. The Corbeau Seats are extremely comfortable as well.

Interior Specs: Mkah door cards, Corbeau Forza Sport Seats, Villains Hydro, Half cage with door bars, built by Turtles Fab, with full interior.


BMW Factory BBS Wheels have to be some of the best OEM Wheel options, especially for the time period. George is sporting a set of 17×8 +20 (front) and 17×8 -70 (rear) Style5’s as well as a set of Style19 rears with the same setup.


Fun Fact: The Style19 BBS Wheels have to be one of my all time favorite BMW OEM Wheels. I had them on my first car (BMW E39) and I fell in love with those wheels, while I owned that car.



Without a single issue, this car outperformed expectations during Drift Evolution’s Pumpkin Bash 2017. And boy does this car like to get sideways!!

It was a great weekend in Southern Oregon, the weather was great and track was full of positive minded people eager to have a good time! One of my favorite aspects of grassroots drifting is the relaxed environment, free of stress and pressure. Everyone is more than happy to share drinks, tools and stories, especially once the track closes at night; then the night life begins. I had a blast getting to hangout with George and some other awesome friends while down shooting this car and event. For more coverage of this car, go give George a follow and see the continual progress and build of this behemoth E36. And follow Drift Evolution for more information on upcoming Drift Evolution Events!

George’s Instagram: @curious_georgeyyy

Drift Evolution Instagram: @drift_evolution

Below is a full Gallery of this WideBody E36!

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