Lonestar Drift at Ebisu

Here is the story! I an idiot drifter ( Aaron Losey from Lone Star Drift ) that lives out his dreams and crosses stuff off his bucket list as fast as he can, and attempts to live life to the fullest. Drifting in Japan was always a dream of mine, and a few years ago I just decided to start doing it. So I contacted Power Vehicles in Japan and bought a JZX100 and keep it at Ebisu Circuit year round. This means whenever plane tickets are super cheap, there is a drift matsuri happening, or I have a bunch of down time in the states I can shoot over and have some fun. And there is no place in the world to have fun like Ebisu. For Americans it is so different, no safety nazi everywhere, no fire trucks, no anything, just awesome tracks and your own fear keeping you alive. PLUS RAD TURBO CARS we never got in the USA, GRRRRRRR!!!!! Anyways, plane tickets got down to 445 dollars AFTER TAXES for this trip, so I pulled the trigger and headed over! I convinced a bunch of friends such as Formula Drift driver Chelsea Denofa to go with me, as well as Adel from Off Beat Garage, and Deon Van Zyl. What Monsters Do thought the trip was cool enough they helped out with our budget so we could make this crazy long video, and now the rest is history. 
Quick side note on this video. The concept of a 5 plus hour video is I have so much cool footage, and the trip lasted TWO WEEKS, and I didn’t want to leave 90% of the footage on the cutting room floor. I still left more than 50% on the floor, but this way people that enjoy sitting through an afternoon live stream of Formula D can sit through a micro live stream of a 2 week trip! So please enjoy some rad drifting at an amazing D1GP track, and join us while we have an adventure of a life time!
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PPS. To all the video people out there, I shot this video on an iPhone 7 plus mostly. We had a Red Epic there, as well as several other cameras, and obviously a Phantom 4 drone, but 90% of the shots are iPhone or GoPro. Then I edited the thing in FCPX 10.3. We live in an amazing world! It should be noted the reason I shoot with the iPhone so much is because it is normally well charged, in my pocket, sorts out it’s own storage so I don’t have to worry about it, backs itself up to the cloud, and just always works. I miss too many organic shots if I have to get out a real camera, so even though the phone is not the most ideal capturing device, and has some terrible wobble jello issues, it makes these kinds of videos possible and fun to create. And I am not lugging tons of hard drives everywhere and capturing too many memory cards at the end of every day shooting, which can go on for hours normally. Plus no batteries. I wish all cameras worked like phones now.

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