Arctic Attack // NorthEast Style

The forecast called for a high of 20* coupled with insanely bone-chilling wind gusts. That is how the NorthEast started off their drift season. Despite the brutal conditions, it didn’t keep anyone from wanting to come out and shred, or spectate for that matter. The lot, at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park in Thompson, CT, was [...]

Picked up memory cards for cheap..

So we're over here preparing for the drifting season and was in need of more memory cards. Never seem to have enough when we need them. We wanted to share with you guys these deals we found on Amazon.. //

Drift Life Varsity

Recently I, Steffan Maus, was in need of a custom jacket for some projects coming up.  Initially we weren't going to sell them. Only needed so many for our needs. But then we posted photos of the jackets. People liked them so much and wanted to buy one. The only way it was possible was [...]